Shakepay Review How Does This Crypto Exchange Compare?

Shakepay is a crypto broker founded by Jean Amiouny and Roy Breidi as far back as 2015. The broker is based in Montreal and is regulated by FINTRAC and AMF. At the end of the review, you should be able to make an informed decision about whether or not Shakepay the perfect crypto broker for you. Automatically deposited to the cardholder’s Bitcoin balance in their Shakepay account.

You will see an option to add funds using Interac e-Transfer. There is a limit to the amount that you can transfer, which can be increased by providing KYC information like photo ID etc. For now, we’ll skip the KYC step, and proceed with funding the account. When you select Interac e-Transfer, you will see information that you can use to e-Transfer from any major bank. Nevertheless, Newton is one of the best Shakepay alternatives due to its multiple collections of coins and low fees.

shakepay review

It’s also unclear what rewards are offered after that $5,000 limit is hit. Once you qualify and load up your balance, every purchase with the Shakepay card will automatically settle to the bitcoin balance in your Shakepay account. Notwithstanding that concern, the Shakepay crypto exchange is a beginner-friendly and affordable way to purchase BTC or ETH. is basic how to crypto guides, reviews and information for beginners to get started with cryptocurrency in Canada. Easily Buy and sell Bitcoin or Ethereum on Shakepay.

How Good Is The Shakepay Visa Card?

NDAX also supports considerably more crypto assets and even supports crypto staking. The Shakepay Visa card is a great way to earn crypto rewards for everyday purchases. Shakepay allows Canadians to buy or sell bitcoin and Ethereum.

You will be able to provide documentation if required by gradually recording your transactions. You can also get an informative view of your trading and profits, and compare yourself with the market benchmark. A data manager allows you to manage all your transactions. All imported data can be viewed and edited in a transaction table. It is important to keep track of all transactions in order to provide consolidated reports that are more easy to assign to the general ledger.

  • One of the reasons Shakepay is different from others is it only deals in buy and sell Bitcoin and ETH.
  • To help you streamline purchases, you can set rules on Shakepay to have the app automatically buy Bitcoin or Ethereum at the frequency you want.
  • With over a decade experience in financial services, he’s passionate about personal finance, investing and helping people take control of their financial life.
  • This crypto service also offers a Shakepay Visa card, a great way to earn crypto rewards for everyday purchases.

A pop-up notification will notify you that you have been rewarded some amount of satoshis for this. Shakepay is a crypto exchange that enables users to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum quickly. Based in shakepay review Montreal, Shakepay has facilitated the trading of more than $5 billion worth of digital assets since launching back in 2015. Send instant e-Transfers from any Canadian bank like TD, Scotiabank, RBC, etc.

Shakepay Review: Buying and Selling Crypto

To do this, you have to open the app every 24 hours and give your phone a physical shake. Your free Bitcoin will be credited to your account right away, and you’ll receive slightly more for every consecutive day that you add to your streak. Spend dollars and earn up to 2% in bitcoin cashback to your Shakepay account on every purchase! The Shakepay Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to licence by Visa Int and in collaboration with Marqueta.

shakepay review

Shakepay determines the price at which users may buy or sell digital currencies on Shakepay to make money. Their security team googles information and basis their finding on those informations. I call them glorified security guards, no offence to security guards. Poor customer sevice, it takes days and weeks to solve issues if any. I would rather pay higher fees and get goid customer service and be able to trsde then paying lower fees, my money being held hostage and be told how and when to sell my crypto. You can organize your transactions in different portfolios or groups.

How To Buy Bitcoin 101

It will likely be different when you do this, and will result in a different amount of Bitcoin . Hit “Continue”, then review the transaction and select “Confirm”. This Montreal-based cryptocurrency trading platform’s financial tools and trading benefits are exclusive to Canadian citizens. Shakepay offers a fast and fun way to acquire crypto.

shakepay review

However, Shakepay users have several ways of earning free cash and crypto through the app. This includes the $30 sign-up bonus, free Satoshis through the ShakingSats feature and Bitcoin cash back when you make purchases with the Shakepay prepaid Visa card. While Shakepay doesn’t charge trading, deposit and withdrawal fees, its quoted prices include a variable spreads that’s usually between 1%-1.2%. The growing popularity and adoption of cryptocurrencies over the past few years has led to the emergence of several crypto trading platforms in Canada.

Cryptographic signatures stop other people spending your money. Proof of work , which is energy that is spent on proof of work, prevents others from undoing, changing or losing your transactions. Bitcoin can help you keep your money safe and protect you from fraud. Any exchanges we list on our pages should be diligently researched, we list exchanges based on public information at the time. Exchanges have been known to suddenly collapse and we highly recommend keeping any cryptocurrencies you own on a cold wallet. Shakepay is accessible via its web platform as well as smartphones.

Easiest way to buy Bitcoin

This will make it easier for your accountant when handling your taxes. Simply download the CSV files from your favorite cryptocurrency exchange, and upload them to EveryTrade. Shakepay, a crypto broker based in Montreal and regulated by FINTRAC and AMF, offers free trades, deposits and withdrawals, unlike other Canadian crypto brokers. While Netcoins allows you to make free CAD deposits and withdrawals, it charges fees for crypto withdrawals and trading, unlike Shakepay.

Even though Shakepay has only been around since 2015, it has a pretty solid track record of safety. Not many exchanges have that kind of government oversight so you can trust that Shakepay is doing the right thing . Plus, most assets on Shakepay are stored offline so bad actors won’t have direct access to your funds. They are also backed by an insurance policy so your funds are safe with them. To give you more confidence, know that Shakepay has never been hacked or lost any of their users’ funds.

The Shakepay platform is used for Bitcoin and ETH cryptocurrencies. The user may also refer to friends, and if they spend $100, the user will get $10. Users can use the unique referral link that may be found in their account’s settings. This process is pretty straightforward and quite quick. Once you’ve transferred your money, go back to “Wallets” in Shakepay to verify your balance in Canadian Dollars.

We also review and compare crypto exchanges and wallets. To make money, Shakepay sets the price you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies at . At any point in time, there will be a small difference between the price customers can buy crypto and the price at which they can sell. When buy and sell orders are placed on the platform, Shakepay makes money from the bid-ask spread. Aside from that, consumers may be charged additional costs by their banks if they use wire transfers to make deposits or withdrawals. Shakepay’s platform allows for commission-free trading.

Austin DeNoce is a writer, personal investor, and entrepreneur who is focused on trading and investing education for macro, crypto, equities, derivatives, and foreign exchange traders. Austin specializes in topics related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Much like the crypto exchange, however, to qualify for the Shakepay card, you’ll have to be a Canadian resident, have a fully verified account, and only be a tax resident of Canada. The Shakepay crypto exchange is beautifully designed and easy to use, but, as previously mentioned, it only supports BTC and ETH.

Luis is a personal finance expert who has been passionate and writing about crypto for more than five years. The last comparison worth diving into is the Shakepay card, but NDAX has no competing card, so the best alternative to keep in mind is the BlockFi card. You need to be 18+ to create an account at Shakepay. You will need to verify your account by providing ID to prove your age and identity. Make sure you do everything Shakepay recommends to secure your account.

Simply connect your exchange accounts / public addresses and let Koinly calculate your capital gains, then generate a tax report for next year. Your final report is accepted by your tax agency and easy to print & file. Koinly is an accounting and tax reporting software for cryptocurrency investors, hobbyists and accountants. With over 700 integrations, Koinly supports over 400 Exchanges, 100 Wallets and over 170 Blockchains. This makes it easier for you to get the most out of your crypto capital gains. All your transactions in one place No more going back and forth between different accounts and wallets.

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